Sunday, September 14, 2014

Blog Post #4

Riddle Me This
When asking questions Andi Stix argued that the way a question is worded is very important. Something as small as asking "when" verses "why" can alter the direction a discussion is going. Open ended questions help students think harder about a subject. This is good for me because I am planning to teach history. Asking my students questions will help me not only teach them when something happened but also why and how it affects us in modern times. The Teaching Center showed me how to avoid asking simple questions that will serve no benefit to a class. Such as asking a question that has an answer in it. If I am asking simple minded questions my students are not learning anything affectively and I am not learning anything about the way they think.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Blog Post #3

Peer Editing is a very important concept in school. From elementary to college students write and edit multitudes of papers. The importance of having proper etiquette while peer-editing is crucial in a students academic career. During the early years of school, like elementary, being kind and positive are important because younger students are more sensitive about their writing. The process showed in Professor Adriana Zardini power point is good for the elementary and middle school levels, but the later education years like high school and college should have a more direct approach to editing. Students should be more direct and focus more on the context and telling students when they have made a mistake without beating around the bush or sugar coating it. I looked up other peer editing blog post and found Mr.Varnell's blog. It is better suited for our level of peer-editing.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Blog Post 2

1. The Mr. Dancealot video made little sense to me personally, but I think the author was arguing that the use of power point/ traditional lecture is ineffective in some classes. It was a dance class and the use of traditional teaching is not effective in a class like dance where the objective is to be active and learn physical movements and display them. But because traditional lecture wasn't effective in a class like ballroom dance doesn't mean technology and new age methods are better.

2. Roberts argues that teachers are now the filters of knowledge, but I disagree teachers are the expanders and builders. You can only learn so much from the internet despite what people think. I think now teachers have students who know more and have wider views so  we now have the chance to expand on this and teach and show students more. This could create a feeling of wanting to expand their horizon and learn more.

3. A teacher is needed to keep students on track and to make sure students do learn what the course was intending to teach. I personally am against this style of teaching I dislike interacting with others work wise and I like open or guided discussion in classes.

4. The thesis is that not all students learn the same way and that technology is a better teaching medium. The teacher is so focused on teaching students how to learn I don't think they really learn much besides how to google and use a computer.

5. I am behind in the race technology is for entertainment not learning for me personally.

6. Flipping the classroom sounds like the homework system I had in middle school for history and English. We would be assigned readings about the author of the book we are reading in English and the time period its around. In history we get a review of previous events and events taking place of the period we were studying and how they connect.

7. Coaching in the classroom can be useful to me when I want students to lead their own discussions of topics without my guidance. I want students to be able to answer and ask questions to each other like they were addressing me.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Post 1

Blog Post 1

1. I have heard nothing about EDM 310. I was actually unaware what that actual class was.

2. My main fear is my lack of internet and my technology not being really compatible. I use a windows surface.

3. This is the first class I have taken that is based all around technology use. Its weird being in a class that focus more on technology instead of traditional classroom format.

4. The most difficult aspect of this class is self-teaching and finding the time to focus on the class.

5. I'm not sure how to address my problems, working and attending school is stressful, and making extra time for this class will be a challenge since my other classes are traditional style.

6. I don't have any questions really it is self explicatory.

Pratice Post

Fred Perry I lived in mobile my whole life but I have been all over America and Europe.

The reason I am in the education program is I just took a gamble with it and it stuck.

I like to think I would be a non-traditional teacher. Teachers to me are here to teach us and inspire us to learn more about the world in general; not just math, science and school stuff.

My hobbies are comics, music, videogames, and I enjoy traveling and going out to bars, clubs, music festivals

My name is Frederick (Fred) Perry, I'm 22 and I currently live with my boyfriend George. We have just moved into a place two weeks ago so I'm still without internet not to many "affordable" services are off Dawes Ln. I believe teachers are meant to basically teach not just academics but abstract and critical thinking. As an educator your goal should be teaching students to be suited for life. I actually ended up in education off of a whim, I tried it and I enjoyed history so why not major in history education. My hobbies are mainly music, comics, and video games, because of this I travel to multiple cons, concerts, and music festivals. I am going to Voodoo Festival in New Orleans October 31st-November 1st its a 3 day festival.


Those are two of my favorite comics Xmen and Naruto, and the last picture is my favorite band, A Day to Remember, Home Sick Album cover. The Xmen and ADTR pictures come from Tumblr and the Naruto picture comes from